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PBPro Elite Trainer Catchers 28"

PBPTEliteC28 Catchers trainer is made of the high quality Maruhashi Monroe leather and features USA tanned leather lacing. PBPro Elite Trainer is a 28" circumference catcher's trainer featuring a closed web style with I bar support. PBPro training gloves are built for and inspired by players for players. PBPro takes training gloves to the next level. PBPro…#DefytheOdds!

Features and Benefits

  • 28" Circumference design to promote quick ball transfer and improve catcher's defensive techniques
  • High Quality Maruhashi Monroe Leather and USA tanned lacing
  • Conventional open back style
  • Major League quality materials with small size pocket to promote good catching habits for bullpen and practice use

  • For right-handed throwers