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Pro Grade Series (PID108496)

Category: PBPro Custom
Product: Fastpitch
Series: Pro Grade Series | USD 219.00
Glove Type: Catcher's Mitt
Size: 34"
Palm: Palm (Color: Steel Gray)
Back Shell: Plain leather (Color: Cream)
Side Connector: Side Connector (Color: Steel Gray)
Web: Web (Color: Cream)
Binding: Binding (Color: Black)
Lace: Lace (Color: White)
Logo and Label-flat: Logo and Label-flat (Color: Red)
Stitch: Stitch (Color: Black)
Embroidery: Embroidery (Color: Red)
Lace Length: Normal
Hand Throw: Right Hand Thrower
Flag (Ring Finger): N/A
Remarks: This is an Anderson Glove. All anderson labels and stamping discussed. I'll get a PO to you by Monday.