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Pro Grade Series (PID114095)

Category: PBPro Custom
Product: Baseball
Series: Pro Grade Series | USD 219.00
Glove Type: Mitts
Size: 13" First Base
Palm: Palm (Color: Cream)
Back Shell: Back Shell (Color: Orange)
Web: Web (Color: Cream)
Binding: Binding (Color: Green)
Lace: Lace (Color: Green)
Logo and Label-puffed: Logo and Label-puffed (Color: Columbia Blue)
Stitch: Stitch (Color: Green)
Embroidery: Embroidery (Color: Northwest Green)
Hand Throw: Left Hand Thrower
Lace Length: Normal
Name: Lucy 27 (Font Style: Brush Script MT, Font Color: Northwest Green, Patch Color: N/A)
Flag (Ring Finger): California
Remarks: Can I please have a 2nd flag next to the California flag? I asked last time, but never received an answer nor did it come with a flag :-/. I am a Swiss resident since 7 years and would be proud to have both the CA and Swiss flag next to each other. Thank you for making this possible!!