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Travel Pro Series (PID92212)

Category: PBPro Custom
Product: Baseball
Series: Travel Pro Series | USD 159.00
Glove Type: Fielders
Size: 11"
Finger Pad: Without Finger Pad
Web: Pro I Web
Palm: Palm (Color: Cream)
Back Shell Main: Back Shell Main (Color: Cream)
Back Shell Accent: Back Shell Accent (Color: Cream)
Web: Web (Color: Cream)
Welting: Welting (Color: Navy)
Binding: Binding (Color: Navy)
Lace: Lace (Color: Orange)
Logo and Label: Logo and Label (Color: Orange)
Stitch: Stitch (Color: Cream)
Embroidery: Embroidery (Color: Navy)
Hand Throw: Right Hand Thrower
Lace Length: Normal
Flex (will not show in customizer): Pro Flex: (Ideal for Pro Player who wants to have more control in forming the glove)
Wrist Opening (will not show in customizer): Standard Wrist
Name: @dai_squared (Font Style: Brush Script MT, Font Color: Orange, Patch Color: N/A)
Flag (Ring Finger): N/A
Remarks: I want this glove to mimic a normal infield glove as much as possible, hence the 11" instead of a traditional 10.5" glove. The goal of this glove will be for pocket awareness and ball security purposes. Here are the features I would like to see: 1) Leather quality - same as the PBPro Elite Trainer (Maruhashi Monroe Leather). This is important as I think the leather quality is a key separator compared to other competitors. 2) I would like to only have the bottom part of the web. This glove would be the infield version to the All-Star catcher's glove where there is only the bottom half of the pocket. 3) I am envisioning the web to be similar to a 2-piece web (commonly seen in pitchers gloves) but with the bottom portion of the 2-piece extending slightly a little higher up the fingers, covering maybe half of the web area. I would assume the connection that the top of the web on typical gloves provides for stability and sturdy construction between the thumb and first finger is important, but if there is a way to maintain the integrity of the build while still optimizing it for training, that would be ideal.